Friday, November 20, 2009

Sister Pressure

My sister has recently made me a convert of the epicness of blogging.

Lets see,

I plan on being a photographer when I grow up, so there will be plenty of photographs posted. I'm an art major in college, so I'm interesting in most anything to do with art - like fashion, interior design, baking and painting - so those will be thrown in too.

Tonight is girls night with my 2 Amandas - looking forward to eating and vegging out all night. A good end to a semi-stressful week.

I'm going to go before I keep blabbing - ironic, since that's the point of blogging :)

Simply love,



  1. I expect a lot of pictures of me. So I can link them on my page!

  2. YAH!!! I am SUPER excited about your blog. I am excited about seeing a lot of your photography in one place. It is SO good! I can't wait to see you next week so I can tell you how oober excited I am in person!!
    LOVE YOU!!