Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pink Ladies & T-Birds.

So last night was RUSH.
(For those of you non-Greeks out there : that means freshman
and transfers come out and learn
about our different Greek organizations.)

I wore a high waisted yellow skirt,
white vneck, and KEDS.
I also teased my hair up like craaazy
and put a headband on.

One of our good friends, Justin looked like a T-Bird.
White tee, jeans (rolled at the ankles, of course),
aviators - and a comb.
Which he proceeded to comb his hair back
every five minutes

We were the only organization in which
every person dressed like
they were from the 50's.
(That's because we're amazing.)

Cute little Maddi.

Kandace is a little bit of a creep :)

So after all that, I wish we dressed like we
were from the 50's more often<3

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