Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovey lovey love

So, I liked Valentines Day today.
Yes, I just admitted that.

Anyone that knows me knows I haven't ever been it's biggest fan..
Not because I'm one of those girls
)who is lonely & whatever else people whined about today.)
I'm just not girly enough to get into
all the cutesy junk.
But today was pretty great - & I'd like to talk about a couple
of things that I love love & adore..go:

Collage, photography, art

Bulldog puppies (not the weird furry mess
next to it. Not my style.)

Bestest guy friends.
Definitely not all of them - but I'm so very
blessed to have Godly 20-something
guys in my life.

Pretty pretty girls - again, another blessing
to have such Godly girls in my life.

I love sugar. It's really not good, but
I've been running (training for a 10K woop woop!) so
I eat a lot of whatever I want :)

Baby sister & Nate.
Two people that I completely rely on.
Who I would take a bullet for, anyday.
And they're my favorite models to shoot :)

Arizona. Hello, wonderful.
That may sound lame, but I definitely have come
to love the weather & how unique
the whole state is.

One of the strongest girls I know.
The only person I've been best friends with my
entire life. I'm SO proud of her for
kicking cancer in the BUTT - with the greatest
attitude. You're such a fighter &
I love you.

Denver Broncos have been and always will
be my favorite team.

Babies, babies, babies - um, CUTEST kids
in the entire world. (Until I have my
own of course!)

Hi, I'm in love with this place. I hope I
end up in those mountains one day.

Momma & pops - I couldn't have better role models for
my relationship with Christ & how I treat/love
other people. I love you guys.

The best "fake" sisters & brother
in the entire world.

People I can completely rely on.
I've gotten to the point where none of my
friends are drama - we're
older and wiser - but we always have fun.
I love it.

Girls that wont ever, ever desert me.
I had enough of that to last me
a lifetime.

Baseball. Josh Hamilton.
Love. That's all.

& last but not least, my big brother & sister in law.
You two have made great parents and
wonderful examples for my life.

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