Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twenty one.

So, I did this when I was twenty - and now I'm twenty one, so I might as well do it again :)
Twenty one things I've learned in

21 years of life

1. Life isn't fair. It's not. Never will be. And I can't

tell you how frustrating that is sometimes.

2. Sometimes you don't realize you need someone until

they're the only one standing next to you.

3. You can (and should) act like a child sometimes

as long as you can - before it becomes too hard.

4. "95% of the time everything is actually okay in the moment.

What you're freaking out about is in the past or potentially in the future" - Unknown

5. See the beauty in every second you're apart of something.

Don't look back & wish you would have

paid more attention to detail.

6. You may have dated them for two months or two years - breakups

are still hard, no matter how long you're together.

7. Time heals anything.

8. People you were friends with in high school aren't supposed to be your friends for life. There are few exceptions,

but mostly they aren't.

9. Taking a chance with a major or minor in school

could really turn out to be a good thing.

You may find out you're good at something you never

thought you'd be good at.

10. Never pressure yourself into dating someone

because of your friends opinions.

11. Actually pay attention in conversations. Make it

known that you do care about people and what

they have to say. Also, never lie about how you're feeling

if someone asks. They don't want some half/fake

version of you.

12. Take things slower than you should.

Do things at your speed.

13. If you hurt someone, no matter how many apologies

you've made can't repair the relationship.

Take whatever they're willing to give you, when

they're ready.

14. Sometimes people younger than you have more wisdom

than you do. Listen.

15. Your best is all you can give.

16. You have to get out of what's not working. No matter

if you're going to hurt their feelings or not.

It'll hurt more in the long run.

17. No one is ever in charge of your happiness but you.

18. Work hard, but never make work

your life.

19. Real life is better than anything you make

up in your head - look around for once.

20. Take everything one day at a time.

21. Never forget how big, loving, strong, forgiving

(and any other adjectives you can think of) that God is.

He's always better than anything

you're into & he craves a relationship with you.

He needs you as much as you need him.


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