Tuesday, April 26, 2011


One of my business teachers this morning shared a story about a lady named Edith. And I'd like to share it with you.

Now, Edith's favorite way of sharing the gospel was going up to people and asking "Do you believe in Easter?" Now most people say yes, of course they believe in Easter, so Edith used that to say "What do you believe about it?" Most people would say something about bunnies and candy, some people would talk about Jesus.

Edith got sick and had to go into hospice care. She would still ask her famous "Do you believe in Easter" question to everyone she could. Her nurse would come around to find Edith and she would be sharing with residents. Now, the nurse said something about not being into this Jesus thing and was bitter. Edith told her that she was going to stay alive until the nurse accepted Jesus and the nurse responded "well you're going to be living a long time".

One day Edith's nurse came into her room and asked why Edith hadn't asked her the Easter question (in a long time, I think is what my teacher said). Edith responded "God told me not to share with you until YOU asked."
And that day the nurse asked Edith if she knew what day it was. It just so happened that it was Good Friday, but Edith said Easter. The nurse told her that 'today is Good Friday, Easter is on Sunday". And Edith promptly told her "to a Christian, every day is Easter.." With that answer, the nurse had the Easter conversation with Edith and was saved.

Later that week the nurse came into Edith's room to find Edith with her Bible in her hands, and that Edith had died during the night. The nurse took the Bible, went out to where some nurses were gathered and asked..

do you believe in Easter?

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