Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bolder [than] Boulder.

Yesterday I ran 6.2 miles. And I kind of figured out that yes, I ran
that for myself and to accomplish something, but it really
was put into a different perspective after my uncles death.

Life isn't about what we can accomplish, who we can impress,
where we live or what we do - it's about family, love,
strenght, perseverence, boldness, friends - it's about the little things,
the intangible things, the things you can't take when God
decides to take you home.

My life is filled with those things. I expierenced that this weekend.
I've seen strength and love and quirkiness - that only God
can give and provide.

I am strong for running and finishing a 10K - but that's nothing
compared to what my family has gone through in the
past year. But we've made it. We've pushed through because of
faith. Because of love.

And I don't think I could be any luckier :)

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