Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Taking five minutes..

I have literally been studying since 1 this afternoon,

so I need a bit of a break - and I decided

to update you on life.

I have 2 finals tomorrow and then I'm finished with

my JUNIOR year of COLLEGE.

(I'm sorry, that totally blows my mind.)

Last weekend was Sigma's (my best guy friends frat) banquet - and

of course we had fun :)

My sorority representing - what what :)

I'm in LOVE with this dress.

With my best friend Garrett. He's wonderful. (and looks

SO good dressed up!)

This was part of my crew for the weekend:

Andrew (my date in the blue), Philip, and Jessica.

They were SO fun!

With my new friend Carlee! We were twins

on Saturday - and we didn't even

mean to be :)

Alright, back to studying (I promise I'll keep studying

Mom and Dad -haha)


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