Sunday, July 3, 2011

ten things I wish I could say to ten different people {without using names}:
1. i don't see why you have to be immature about this - i've lost
two friends because of your immaturity.
2. i haven't figured my feelings out yet. give me a little time.
3. i love you so much and i'm so proud of how hard you work, every single day.
4. you've recently become one of my favorite people - i'm glad we've gotten so close.
5. you've got a boyfriend, i get it. i just don't want to lose our relationship.
6. i'm still angry that you were taken - but i also know that God has a great plan. don't worry, i'll take care of your family.
7. our relationship is different now, but i love you more than i love a lot of people.
8. i'm proud of the man you're becoming.
9. you're a child.
10. i couldn't do anything without you [both of you]

nine things about myself:
1. i wear my emotions on my face.
2. i want to run the NYC marathon someday. hopefully within the next year.
3. i could eat peanut butter every single day of my life.
4. i hate silence. my best friend always makes fun of me that i made random noises when it's quiet because i can't handle it.
5. i know more about sports than makeup.
6. i could sit for HOURS listening to music. song after song after song - all day.
7. i LOVE war movies.
8. i turn beet red when i'm hot. usually beet red and splotchy.
9. i kinda, sorta like tattoos.

eight ways to win my heart:
1. must have a sense of humor.
2. must be willing to sing loudly along with the radio.
3. must have a relationship with the Lord. not a perfect one, but I would like him to be striving as best as he can.
4. protect me - from myself, from others, from everything.
5. must be sensitive to my OVER sensitive feelings.
6. must have this way of looking at me that makes me feel like the only one in the room.
7. must love to cuddle.
8. must know and accept me for who i am.

seven things that cross my mind a lot:
1. future plans.
2. boys - totally not going to lie ha :)
3. homework.
4. people i love.
5. how i'm going to pay for everything in life.
6. places i want to go one day.
7. usually i'm trying to figure out if i forgot anything also.

six things I do before I fall asleep:
1. pjs.
2. wash my face.
3. brush my teeth.
4. think of alllll the things i need to do the next day.
5. talk to my Pops in the sky.
6. if i'm talking to people, i'll tell them i love them.

five people who mean a lot:
1. family - the whole big, crazy crew.
2. mal, amanda, caitlin
3. Jesus. (hey, he's really number one. don't worry.)
4. austin, justin, garrett - the rest of the boys.
5. ..i guess i don' t have a five.

four things I'm wearing:
1. jean shorts.
2. white tank.
3. purity ring.
4. underoos.

three songs I listen to often:
1. free fallin' - tom petty.
2. oh tonight - josh abbott band.
3. marry me - train.

two things I want to do before I die:
1. make all my dreams come true.
2. travel the world.

one confession:
i talk a big game - but i'm not near as tough as i say.

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  1. Love this post! Very interesting and informative :) I love you and I miss you...