Friday, August 26, 2011

The last couple weeks..

A couple of weeks ago, mom and I went antique shopping in Waco.
And clearly, mom always finds the
classiest things.

I got to watch the first game of the season
with my pops - I'm a lucky girl :)
What would have made it better would
have been a big fat!

My roommate and I had some funky letters
that spelled out "faith, hope, & love" - we decided
to melt crayons on them and they turned
out amazing!

More antiquing! My best friend and I
went on my day off and I found
this little number..a la Mia Sara from "Ferris
Buellers Day Off" (next photo.)

Only..I bet it wasn't 111 degrees when
she rocked it. I was sweating and beet red
all afternoon! This TX heat KILLS me!

I love having everyone come back to school - I
get to have random nights with my
sorority sisters. Jacee was sporting my roommate's
old band uniform - HOT.

Every year before school starts, my school hosts a
"street party" - where all the organizations
on campus get to set up and freshman get to see what
all goes on during the year. That's my two
beautiful best friends - Amanda and Caitlin!

and last but not least, one of my favorite things about
the school year is school supply shopping - and
I couldn't resist this notebook! What
21 year old's life is complete without a little tribute
to Sesame Street?! I love it!


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