Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chris Brown!

I saw Chris Brown. In person.

(I still can't believe it..)

It all started off with a two hour jam session on our way
to Dallas. This ^ is Caitlin and Austin belting out "Love
Story" by Taylor Swift. Complete with dance
moves :)

We bought lawn seats (because we're poor college students!) and
when we got there, we met up with Justin, Hannah
and Emily - who talked someone into
bumping our tickets up to actual seats - for only

This ^ is Austin and I. (He's been on the blog plenty
of times..he's one of my favorite people
on EARTH!)

He had a great set and kept the energy up
the entire time! Lots and lots of
booty shaking :)

And was him.

As I'm sitting here..I'm trying to think of how
to explain the experience to y'all.

I know that a lot of people just see him as someone
who beat up an ex-girlfriend (supposedly) ..but
he is an incredible performer.

I sat there in awe the entire time - it was an out of
body experience. I danced, I sang, I laughed..and I had
an indescribable time with 5 people that I love!

I can't even tell you what songs he performed,
who else was there - I was so focused on having an
amazing time. Just enjoying myself for once - and that's
definitely how I want to spend the rest of
my life!

I deserve to have fun and be happy.
I do. <3

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  1. aw, yay sounds like such a fun concert. I've never seen him perform, but also have heard that he's super amazing!! Hope your day is fantastic. xo veronika