Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bears, Vampires, Werewolves and..square dancing?

This past week has been FULL.

Full of ups and downs.
Full of friends.
Full of heartbreak.
And full of every possible thing you
have to do in college!

(If you're the praying type, like I am, please
please please be in prayer for the Jones
family. Chris, an HPU student died in a motorcycle
accident last weekend - leaving behind a wife
and three daughters! It's a terrible tragedy
and we definitely want to lift his family up!)

But, some fun this week was: a Baylor womens
basketball game!

Baylor is picked to be number one in
the nation - and they sure act and play like it!
They outscored the other team 91-31!

We got floor seats and everything :)
It was awesome!

(Shoutout to Baylor beatin' OU last night! YEAAA :D)

And of course I went to the midnight
premiere of Breaking Dawn with Alisha, Jacee and Austin!

I actually really liked this one - best
movie they've made! And the soundtrack was

Last, but not least, was our annual
Phi Chi Rhodown - a square dance that
we put on with a fraternity on campus! We have
a cute little old man do the "calling" and
had an awesome time just goofing around and pretending
that we can square dance :)

My gorgeous sisters (and amazing brother!)

Good good week &
now I'm definitely ready
for Thanksgiving :)) Arizona bound!


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