Thursday, February 9, 2012


So, I haven't updated on life much..but really, I'm in the art

building like 5 hours a day getting ready for

my senior show (and no, you aren't going to get any

sort of sneak peek!) - so, there hasn't

really been much going on besides that!

But, my roommates are teachers - so there's a ridiculous

amount of hearts all over my living/dining

room right now:

The "Olive you" part is my favorite :)

Next, I went to the CUTEST cowpoke's 3rd

birthday the other day:

I'm going to give him his own post later in the
week - he deserves a whole post!!

And lastly, pledging is about to start and so Rush was
on Monday - and this is a picture of all
our SENIORS :)

It's still surreal that I'm a senior - but
SO exciting!

That wasn't a real post - I apologize..but
I'll post later in the week, promise!


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