Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter break.

So, here's a little Easter break recap...

Before I get into the whole weekend..

let's just pause and check out how

cute my family is on Easter :

Yup. I've got just about the cutest
family around :)

Oh and here's how cute I was :

I'm in love with my new shoes!

Pops and I ran a 5k on Saturday - and let me tell you,
it wasn't the best 5k I've ran :( BUT I always
love running with my daddy. He's always so encouraging when
I feel like I can't move any longer. I always
feel very proud of myself, because he tells me how proud
he is during and after every race.

He's a good guy :) he's the best guy!

After the 5k, we went and shopped for those
fantastic shoes I wore on Easter - and then
we saw this:

It was a feel good kind of movie - Ewan McGregor
was adorable. And awkward. Emily Blunt
is perfect. She's so gorgeous.

It was a fantastic, low-key weekend
and my last weekend at home - until I graduate!

Less than 4 weeks..

That's so crazy!


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