Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The waiting game.

Picture explaaaanation:
THREE of my cousins graduated.
One cousin got married.
& my sister, brother and I were all finally
in one place at one time :)

The month of May has been great. It's also been
a major transition time for me - and I'm
still not completely "transitioned".

I accepted a job at a frozen yogurt company
not even 48 hrs after graduating (boo-yah) - but
the location isn't complete yet..

Problem number one.

Problem number two : I'm currently living
40 or so minutes from said location..
so that gives me the real meaning
for the work "commute".

I don't move into my apartment until June 6th.
Which is a week away.

And there's where the complaining
stops, I promise.
It's just been a weird month and I
feel so much like I'm not living up to my potential.

Like I should be out there doing something..

BUT..that being said, the sermon on Sunday
was all about being secure in God.

Being secure that He's got a plan,
that He loves me,
and that He has me doing whatever
I need to be doing.

I'm focusing on being secure right now..
and that's all I can really do.


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