Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm a bit late on my New Years blessings to you all - so here goes:

I hope whatever you do, you love it.
I hope whoever you meet, you leave a mark on their life.
And I hope that you make mistakes, fall on your face and learn
to love your scars..because that's life, love.
And that's what it's all about.

I'm thinking about what all happened in 2009. My years go by school year still,
so it's kind of difficult.

Let's see, a few things would be:

-I pledged a sorority. Something I never ever ever thought I'd do..and it ended up
being, so far, the best thing I could have done where I go to school. My sister's are
beautiful and wonderful - for the most part :) I love how I've become close to people I
probably wouldn't have met if it weren't for that risk. That's the best part.

-I spent the summer, in this small town, once again. I spent that entire summer lifeguarding
at the local pool. I actually have always dreamed of being a lifeguard, ever since I was a
little kid. The lifeguards at the pool I used to go to in elementary school always seemed so
I liked being a lifeguard, I really did. (Actually I just enjoyed that wonderful tan that I
got from being outside for hours.) It was long hours of dealing with bratty little
children, yelling and running all over the place..that was a bummer.
Other than that, I didn't do a whole lot. I had no friends. Well, that would be a lie. I didn't have
any other friends besides my little sister, my parents & my sisters boyfriend. And I'm okay
with that, in a way, because I learned that high school really wasn't worth it. All those
people that I spent 3 or so years with don't really care & don't really matter. I've got friends
at college anyway :)

-I learned a little bit about cars. My poor little car kept dying on me - awful. One of my
fears is car my daddy switched with me. The Nissan is beautiful, if I'm
allowed to say that :)
And with that, I actually had to have someone show me how to air up my tires. That's why
I'm very blessed to have guys in my life - my best friend Austin showed me how. And then
a week later, I had to show another girl how. Funny.

-I had a legitimate fight over a boy. Well, over-ish. They're now dating. Greaaat.

-I'm learning who my real friends are. There is a big group of us that hang out cooonstantly,
and I love it. I switched friends like crazy my freshman year - so it's really a blessing to
find and fit into a little group.

-And I spent the New Years with my mother. (That is not complaining, mom!) We baked
brownies - good for you brownies. With sweet potatoes and blue agave (it's a sweetner) all
in it. They were so good - and I now want to become a baker. Not really something I
thought I ever wanted to do, but it makes me excited. Healthy foods all into sweets -
that's my plan.

Plans, plans, plans..that's what my future is supposed to be right? I'm supposed to have
this big ol' plan - and right now, the bakery, that's just one of them. Whatever else
happens, I'm game.

So here's to you - whoever in the world reads ready for the future, but live in
the now<3

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