Monday, April 19, 2010

Austrailian accents, 6th Street, I-Hop, Backstreet Boys, Reggae festival, and hotel security.

Now you're probably wondering about the title of this post - let me explain a little.
This is the weekend the "Fantastic Four" took over Austin!

Now, this is the backseat crew. The boys were in know, navigating and such.
And by "navigating" I meant finding the funniest accents on my GPS and using them.
Giggling the entire time.
Silly boys.

Now this navigating business hit 2 snags: we went to the wrong hotel (with a mean front desk girl, greaaat - isn't your job to help me?) and only 45 minutes to get ready.
But the end result, you can see it above ^
Watch out boys of Austin - Rho girls are taking over!

After a fabulous, super super fancy meal - having 3 forks is a little confusing - and an induction of new members, the crew and I decided it was picture time.
The Driskoll is a beautiful hotel, so this time was SUPER fun!

Now, I don't brag about too many things, but I will about this - I had the cutest date there! (And now I want him to dress up everyday - it isn't going to happen,
but a girl can dream right?)

The "men" having "drinks". Okay, no, we didn't order alcohol Mom and Dad - but we found a couple of empty glasses (that still had ice in them!) and they decided
to pose with them.
Acting as if they're big men - ha, not true :)
Now, the crew and I are too cool for dancing - duh - so we decided to explore the hotel.
This precious boy ^ is Hunter - my best friends date.

Whenever I see a cool old phone, I always think "let's call front desk.."
Wait, I never think that..but apparently this ^ phone called the front desk.
So what does Justin do? Get security to come up after us.
Actual conversation:
"My wife and I are trying to have a nice, quiet, romantic evening and there are some kids running around.." - Justin
"We're very sorry sir, we'll send security right up" - front desk
Let me just say, we booked it out of there.
This ^ is the point in the evening when we pretended we had been downstairs the WHOLE time..after watching security come off the elevator.
Their cute when they're trying to be inconspicuous aren't they? :)
This ^ one is our "fake background" picture.
It's really 6th Street - the shady and famous street in Austin.
It's also my favorite picture of Justin and I :)
Sigma boys representing at Rho banquet.

You can NEVER quit laughing around these boys.
I adore them.

With our beautiful president.

Oh hey, there's my new best friend James.
Isn't he cute?

After realizing we were about to change clothes and hadn't gotten a picture of the 4 of us, we asked a nice lady at the front desk to take one.
Check out Hunter slinging his jacket over his shoulder?
Too cool, too cool.
Cliche mirror picture time!
After changing clothes, we decided to go down to the capitol and 6th Street.
Saturday was "explore downtown and the University of Texas" and eat at Freebirds day!
If you're never done any of that, I recommend it.
The boys in front of a mural.
My new pet turtle we found at UT.

Practicing his wand waving for "Herbology" class.
He told us earlier in the day that "Herbology" would be his class of choice if he went to Hogwarts, so I made him take this picture in front of the green house on UT's campus.
It's a blackmail kind of picture :)
In front of the water fountain at UT.
(His eyes are open, I checked!)

One final stop before going back to school.
A trip to the Lakeline mall - I think that's what it's called.
The boys had to try out the massage chairs - and wouldn't leave for a whole 15 minutes.
Now we know what to tell their moms to get them
for Christmas :)
It was an amazing weekend.
Looking forward to plenty more like it in my remaning college years<3

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  1. WHOA! Cait, you look so great in these photos! I love the "fake background" photo. Although, I have to admit, I don't get it. Is it or isn't it fake. It looks real... haha
    Anyways, thanks for sharing. Your crafty title def. caught my attention.
    I am glad you had so much fun with your friends. Can't wait to talk about it soon!
    aka. your fav SIL