Monday, April 26, 2010

A pinata named Fidel.

Yesterday was my banquet date from a previous post, Justin's, surprise 20th birthday party!

We got a pinata. And I decided to practice on Dayton :)

Jacee and I's "game faces". I don't know why we needed "game faces", but I love the picture.

Now my friend Lane decided that we weren't going to yell "surprise" when Justin got there - "we aren't like everyone else" he said. So we decided to yell "yahoooo" - this is Justin's face when he saw all of us :)

This picture is PRICELESS. I practiced my pinata swing on Zachary too - he's such a wimp!

Justin is a pinata champ. He was the only one that got to hit it before it smashed. We filled it with plenty of candy, army men and sheriff badges.

What more could a 20 year old want?

I love my Stephanie.
And the awkward pictures we take together.

Rott and I.
His name really isn't Rott - but I have 3 Justin's in my little "family",
so we decided he needed a different name.

He calls me his 3rd girlfriend, haha.

This is my "future husband" Cory.
I've known him since the first Sunday we were at school.
He's such a cute boy :)

Well, of course, I needed a picture with the birthday boy!
Check out his badge - it has a picture of Yoda on it and it said "Birthday Jedi Knight".
It was perfect!
Now I bet you were wondering this whole time, if I ever got in trouble
for hitting so many people with a bat.
This picture is proof of me getting in trouble :)
I have the greatest friends.
I'm so blessed by every single one of them!

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  1. That all looks like fun! Maybe we should get a pinata for you, me, hannah, nathan, ryne, and the kids... Could be fun! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.
    Love and miss you,
    Your fav SIL,