Saturday, September 4, 2010

She's makin' plans & makin' tracks.

It's kind of sad that I've only taken/been in three-ish pictures
since school has started.
I added business as a minor this year & I've had
homework every day - which is a completely new thing
to an art major.
So here's a summary of my first couple weeks back to school:

My sorority at the "welcome back" street party HPU hosts
every year. We get to hangout & talk to
freshman and new transfers about our organization
so they keep us in mind for when Rush
rolls around.
We've already had some issues as a group, so prayers
would definitely be appreciated.
I'm hoping God does some crazy things in
our sorority this year.
I'm hoping He shakes things up & we become a group
that everyone on campus looks up to.

I've been a pretty big fan of our soccer teams while
at school. They're actually the ones that
win on a regular basis.
Yesterday my two best friends - Amanda, Garrett and I
went and watched our boys play - they tied
one to one. But played really well.
It was hot - but really fun.
(& Amanda got this crazy sunburn on the left side of
both her legs - how is that possible?)

We've celebrated two of my guy friend's birthdays this
semester already. Both of them turned 21!

And we all decided to get tattoos.
(Sweet lizards for the girls; sharks, tribal, and suns riding
the waves for the boys)

Don't worry they're fake :)


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